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Improvement in the ground water conditions in 909 assessment units as compared to 2107:Jal Shakti ministry report

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Dynamic Ground Water Resource Assessment Report 2022

According to the Dynamic Ground Water Resource Assessment Report 2022, there has been an improvement in ground water condition in the 909 assessment units of the country as compared to the assessment done in 2017. 

The Dynamic Ground Water Resource Assessment Report 2022 was released by the Union Jal Shakti minister Gajendra Singh Shekhawat on 9 November 2022 at New Delhi.  The assessment was carried out jointly by the Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) and with the State and Union Territories.

Such joint exercises between CGWB and the State and Union Territories government were carried out earlier in 1980, 1995, 2004, 2009, 2011, 2013, 2017 and 2020.

India is the largest user of groundwater in the world. Ground water is a major source of drinking water and for irrigation in India.

Highlights of the 2022 report 

  • As per the 2022 assessment report, the total annual ground water recharge for the entire country is 437.60 billion cubic meters (BCM)
  • The annual ground water extraction for the entire country is 239.16 BCM.
  • Out of the total 7089 assessment units in the country, 1006 units have been categorized as ‘Over-exploited’.( It means that  the rate at which water is extracted exceeds the rate at which the aquifer is able to recharge))
  • Analysis indicates improvement in ground water conditions in 909 assessment units in the country compared with 2017 assessment data
  • Assessment indicates an overall  increase in ground water recharge

Reason for increase in ground water increase 

According to the report following were the reasons for increase in ground water recharge:

  •  increase in recharge from canal seepage, 
  • return flow of irrigation water and
  •  Recharges from water bodies/tanks & water conservation structures. 

 What is Groundwater?

Groundwater is freshwater (from rain or melting ice and snow) that soaks into the soil and is stored in the tiny spaces (pores) between rocks and particles of soil. 

It is also called subsurface water to distinguish it from surface water, which is found in large bodies like the oceans or lakes or which flows overland in streams.

Uttar Pradesh government to make Vrindavan -Mathura pilgrimage center carbon neutral by 2041

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Vrindavan -Mathura pilgrimage center carbon neutral by 2041

The Uttar Pradesh government has made an ambitious plan to make the Vrindavan -Mathura tourist pilgrimage center carbon neutral by 2041. This will be the first tourist center in India to plan for a carbon neutral status.

The government expects the tourist arrival in the Mathura Vrindavan region to increase from the present 2.3 crore per year to around 6 crore in 2041. To deal with the expected increase in footfall and increase in carbon footprint, the government has made a plan to make the region carbon neutral by 2041, 

Plan of the government 

  • The entire pilgrimage region will be divided into four clusters each containing two of the eight key cites.
  • The plan proposes to form small circuits called ‘Parikrama Paths’ which the pilgrim can undertake either on foot or using electric vehicles.
  • To reduce the carbon emission the government intends to ban the use of private tourist vehicles in the entire Braj region
  • Only electric public transport will run in the identified region 
  • All the 252 water bodies and 24 forests in the area will be revived so that they can act as a carbon sink.

Mathura -Vrindavan region and its significance 

  • The city of Mathura and Vrindavan is associated with Lord Krishna’s birth and childhood.
  • Both the cities are situated along the river Yamuna.
  • Mathura is mentioned in Ramayana and was one of the capitals of the Kushan King Kanishka (130AD).
  • Some of the famous temples of the region are: Govind Dev Temple, Rangaji Temple, Dwarikadhish Temple, Bankey Bihari Temple and the ISKCON Temple.
  • Gokul, Barsana and Govardhan are the other townships associated with the legend of Lord Krishna. 

What is Carbon Neutral and Net Zero?  

Carbon neutral refers to the removal of the same amount of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by various means as the amount of carbon dioxide which is released in the atmosphere leaving a Zero balance or zero carbon.

Net Zero means the removal of the same amount of Greenhouse gasses (eg CO2, methane, CFC etc. ) from the atmosphere  by various means as the amount of Greenhouse gasses which is released in the atmosphere leaving a Zero balance or net Zero.

Important to Know 

India has set a target to become zero net emission country by 2070.

Palli panchayat in Samba district of Jammu is the first carbon neutral panchayat in India.

India has 2.49 lakh voter aged above 100 years: Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar

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India has 2.49 lakh voter aged above 100 years

According to the Chief Election Commissioner  of India Rajiv Kumar there are  2.49 lakh voters aged above 100 in India and  1.80 crore voters are over 80 years of age.

He was speaking after flagging off a bicycle rally in Maharashtra's Pune city on 9 November 2022 to create an awareness about voter registration as part of the national level launch of a special summary revision of the voters' list.

He also mentioned the first voter of Independent India Shyam Saran Negi who died at the age of 106 years after casting his postal ballot for the forthcoming Himachal Legislative Assembly election.

What is Special summary revision of voters list? 

Election commission of India prepares the voters list of eligible Indian citizens who are 18 years or above of age. 

Any eligible citizen who has attained the age of 18 years on 1 January of that year (for this year it will be 1 January 2022) can enrol himself/herself as General Voter by filling form number 6.

To include anyone who has been left and not included as a voter, are included through the Special Summary Revision initiative.

The Election Commission of India conducts Special Summary Revision to enrol unenrolled eligible citizens during the month of Oct-Nov every year. 

This year the Special Summary Revision of electoral rolls with reference to January 01, 2022 as qualifying date, will start from 01.11.2021.

Important points to Know 

Whenever an election takes place, a public holiday is announced by the government on the polling day to encourage people to vote. The holiday is given under the Negotiable Instrument Act 1881.

National Voters day is observed in India on 25 January. It was on this day in 1950 the Election Commission of India came into being. 

42nd International Congress of the Indian National Cartographic Association inaugurated in Dehradun

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Indian National Cartographic Association inaugurated in Dehradun

The 42 International Congress of the Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) was inaugurated by the Uttarakhand Governor Lt Gen Gurmit Singh, (Retd.) in Dehradun on 9 November 2022. The 42nd International Congress is being organized by the National Hydrographic Office from 9-11 November 2022 at Dehradun, Uttarakhand.

The Theme of the 42nd INCA Congress is Digital Cartography to Harness Blue Economy’

The Indian National Cartographic Association (INCA) was founded on 7 August 1979 at Hyderabad. It is one of the biggest organizations of its kind in the world.

Government grant power to 31 District Magistrate and 9 State Home Secretaries to grant citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan

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grant citizenship to minorities of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan

According to the annual report of the Union Ministry of Home Affairs, the District Magistrates of 31 districts and the Home Secretaries of nine states have been given powers to grant Indian citizenship to the Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians coming to the country from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan under the Citizenship Act, 1955.

According to the report of the Ministry from 1 April 2021 to December 31, 2021, a total of 1,414 foreigners belonging to the minority communities of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan were given Indian citizenship by registration or naturalisation under the Citizenship Act, 1955.

Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA) yet to be implemented in India

The delegation of powers by the Union Home Ministry to the District Magistrates and the Home secretaries of States has not been granted under the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act, 2019 (CAA).

The CAA also provides for granting Indian citizenship to these non-Muslims coming from Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

However, the rules under the CAA have not been framed by the government yet and hence, no one so far has been granted Indian citizenship under it.

States which has been given the power by the Central Government 

In 2021 the government gave the power to 13 more District Magistrates and Home Secretaries of two more States. Thus the total number of districts magistrates are now 31 and 9 States.

The nine states where Indian citizenship by registration or naturalisation is given under the Citizenship Act, 1955 to non-Muslim minorities from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Haryana, Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Maharashtra.

Online facility for renunciation of Indian citizenship 

  • According to the report the government has also activated an online module under the “Immigration, Visa and Foreigners Registration & Tracking (IVFRT) platform on August 22, 2021 to process the applications for renunciation of Indian citizenship.
  • Through this module, an Indian citizen of full age and capacity may apply online for renunciation of Indian citizenship.
  • Under the Citizenship Act, 1955, adult Indian citizens can voluntarily renounce citizenship but they have to inform the government.
  • Since there is a provision for single citizenship in India, an Indian citizen who has taken citizenship of a foreign country is also expected to inform the government.
  • All these persons can now use this online facility.

Indian Citizenship through Naturalisation and Registration Process 

Under the Citizenship act 1955 citizenship can be granted to a foreigner through Naturalisation and Registration process also

Registration process

Who can apply? 

  • It is for Person of Indian Origin who is resident in India for at least 7 years.
  • A foreigner married to an Indian citizen and who is a resident in India for at least 7 years.
  • Person of full age who has been registered as an Overseas Indian Citizen for at least five years and resident in India for at least One year.
  • These people have to apply for citizenship to the respective District Magistrate where they are residing.

Naturalisation process 

A foreigner who does not come under the category of foreigner  as defined in the Registration process has to be resident of India for at least 15 years before applying for the citizenship of India .

26th edition of the Malabar naval exercise begins off the Japanese island of Yokosuka

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Indian warships in Japan's Yokosuka island for Malabar 2022

The 27th Malabar naval exercise 2022 featuring the navies of all four Quad countries India, the US, Australia and Japan began on 9 November 2022 off the Yokosuka island of Japan near the East China Sea.

Indian Naval ships INS Shivalik and INS Kamorta are participating in the 10-day exercise being hosted by the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force (JMSDF). The Japanese Navy is called the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force.

The Indian Naval chief R Hari Kumar witnessed the opening ceremony of the Malabar exercise.

The opening ceremony of the exercise was attended by Commander of Indian Navy's Eastern Fleet Rear Admiral Sanjay Bhalla, Commander in Chief of Self Defense Fleet of Japanese Navy Vice Admiral Yuasa Hideki, Commander of US Navy's Seventh Fleet Vice Admiral Karl Thomas and Commander of Australian Fleet Rear Admiral Jonathan Earley.

Background of the Malabar Naval Exercise 

The first Malabar exercise was held between the Indian and the US Navy along the Malabar Coast in Arabian Sea in 1992.

Japan became the permanent partner of the exercise from 2015 onwards.

Australia participated for the first time in 2007 and again in 2020 and 2021.

The 2021 exercise between the four navies was held in the Philippines Sea and also in the Bay of Bengal.

National Legal Services Day

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National Legal Services Day

National Legal Services Day (NLSD) is celebrated every year on 9 November in India.

Important facts

  • It is celebrated to commemorate the commencement of the Legal Services Authorization Act, 1987, which came into force on 9 November 1995.

  • Legal awareness camps are organised by the State Legal Services Authorities across the country to make people aware about the availability of free legal aid on this day.

  • Apart from this, nationwide programs are organised every year to make people aware about the various services provided by the Legal Services Authorities.

  • The main objective of organising this day is to make people aware of the law to ensure justice for all, as well as to provide free legal aid and advice to the poor and weaker sections of the society.

  • This day was started in the year 1995 by the Supreme Court of India to provide help and support to the poor and weaker sections of the society.

  • The Chief Justice of India is the Chief Patron of the National Legal Services Authority and a second senior judge of the Supreme Court of India is the acting Chairman of the Authority.

PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways Summit to be held in Varanasi

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PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways

Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal will inaugurate the PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways Summit in Varanasi on November 11.

Important facts

  • Sonowal will also inaugurate community ghats on National Waterway-1 (Ganga River) at Ravidas Ghat.

  • The Waterways Authority of India (IWAI), under the aegis of the Ministry of Ports, Shipping and Waterways, Government of India, is organising the 'PM Gati Shakti Multimodal Waterways Summit' on November 11-12, 2022.

  • The summit will provide a networking platform for key stakeholders from the central government, state governments, industry and think tanks to share and discuss the National Master Plan.

About PM Gati Shakti Master Plan 

  • In October 2021, the government announced the PM Gati Shakti programme.

  • It will bring 16 Ministries together for integrated planning and implementation of infrastructure connectivity projects.

  • It is multi-modal connectivity and will help in improving global competitiveness, boost manufacturing and modernise infrastructure in the country.

  • Its targets are to cut logistic costs, increase cargo handling capacity and reduce the turnaround time.

  • Economic zones like Textile Clusters, Pharmaceutical Clusters, Defence Corridor, Electronic Park, Industrial Corridor, Fishing Clusters, Agri Zone will be covered under this program to improve connectivity.


  • It will give a boost to the overall infrastructure of the country.

  • It will strive to build next generation infrastructure that improves ease of living as well as ease of doing business.

  • It will provide integrated and seamless connectivity for movement of people, goods and services as a mode of transport.

  • It will create many employment opportunities and boost the economy.

  • It will improve the global competitiveness of local products by cutting logistics costs and improving the supply chain.

PM Modi to gift Himachal Pradesh artifact to the G20 leaders in the Bali summit

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PM Modi to gift Himachal Pradesh artifact

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will gift various artifacts of Himachal Pradesh to the world leaders at the 17th G20 summit to be held at Bali, Indonesia on 15-16 November 2022. India will formally take over the G20 Presidency from Indonesia from 1 December 2022 and it will host the 18th G20 summit in 2023.

According to the newspaper reports the Prime Minister Modi will present Chamba Rumal, Kangra miniature paintings, Kinnauri Shawl, Himachali Mukhate, Kullu Shawl, and Kanal Brass Set to the world leaders as an attempt to boost the Himachal’s art and culture across the globe.

The Prime Minister unveiled the logo, theme, and website of India’s G20 Presidency via video-conferencing on 8 November 2022.

G-20 is the premier forum for international economic cooperation representing around 85 percent of the global GDP, over 75 per cent of the worldwide trade, and about two-thirds of the world population.. G-20 is a group of 19 countries and the European Union.

15th Asian Airgun Championship 2022 begins in Daegu, South Korea

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15th Asian Airgun Championship 2022

The 15th Asian Airgun Championship 2022 began in Daegu, South Korea from November 9, 2022.

Important facts

  • This will be the first Rifle/Pistol Asian Shooting Confederation Championship to be counted in the new Asian ranking system.

  • Manu Bhaker, Mehuli Ghosh, Arjun Babuta and Divyansh Singh Panwar are some of the prominent players in the 36 Indian players participating in the championship.

  • Manu Bhake is in the 10m Air Pistol (Junior Women) event while Mehuli Ghosh will compete in the women's 10m Air Rifle event.

  • Yashasvi Joshi will compete in the 10m Air Pistol (Young Female).

  • Arjun Babuta will compete in the 10m air rifle for men while Divyansh Singh Panwar will compete in the junior men's category.

  • The Asian Airgun Championship 2022 is scheduled to be held at the Daegu International Shooting Range from November 9 to 19, 2022.

FIFA World Cup 2022 to be played from Nov 20 in Qatar

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FIFA World Cup 2022 to be played from Nov 20 in Qatar

The FIFA World Cup 2022 will be played in five cities of Qatar from November 20 to December 18, 2022 this year. It is the first Football World Cup to be held in winter, as well as the first Football World Cup to be hosted by an Arab country.

Important facts

  • In the inaugural match, hosts Qatar will take on South American country Ecuador at the Al Bayt Stadium on the 20th November.

  • 28 teams have been placed in eight groups, the final will be played at the Lusail Stadium on the 18th of December.

  • Arsenal's Gabriel Martinelli has been included in the list of 12 players dominated by the English Premier League.

  • Brazil will start their World Cup campaign against Serbia on 24 November.

About FIFA World Cup

  • The FIFA World Cup is an international football competition played by the senior men's national teams of members of FIFA, the sport's global governing body.

  • It was started in the year 1930, after that it is organised every four years.

  • The defending champions are the France national football team that won the 2018 tournament in France.

  • The most successful team of the tournament is Brazil which has won the title 5 times.

  • FIFA World Cup 2022 will be organised in Qatar this year.

  • Lieb as the official mascot for the FIFA World Cup 2022. Laib is an Arabic word, which means a player with special qualities and abilities.

  • FIFA World Cup 2026 will be hosted for the first time by three countries which include the US, Mexico and Canada.

Three Indian women on Forbes Asian women businesswomen list

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Forbes Asian women businesswomen list

The Forbes Asia magazine released its annual ‘Asia’s Power Businesswomen’ list which includes three Indian women amongst the 20 women from the Asia-Pacific region. Among the three Indian businesswomen who feature on the unranked list is Ghazal Alagh,Soma Mondal and Namita Thapar.

This year, the list includes three women each from India, Japan, Australia and Indonesia, two each from South Korea, Singapore and Thailand, and one each from Taiwan and China.

Indian Business woman on the list 

Ghazal Alagh is the co founder of Honasa Consumer,  which is the owner of Mamaearth, The Derma Company 

Soma Mandal is the first woman chairman of the Public sector company,Steel Authority of India Ltd (SAIL).

Namita Thapar is the executive director of the Emcure Pharma (India).

The women were selected for their achievements in running a business with sizeable revenue and demonstrating strong leadership throughout their career.

Justice D Y Chandrachud takes oath as 50th CJI

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Justice D Y Chandrachud takes oath as 50th CJI

Justice D Y Chandrachud took oath as the new Chief Justice of India on November 9, 2022. President Draupadi Murmu administered the oath of office to Justice Chandrachud as the 50th Chief Justice of India at Rashtrapati Bhavan. He succeeded Justice U U Lalit, who retired on November 8, 2022.

Important facts

  • Justice Chandrachud's term will last till November 10, 2024.

  • Justice Chandrachud, born on November 11, 1959, was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court on May 13, 2016.

  • His father Justice Y V Chandrachud was the 16th Chief Justice of India from 2 February 1978 to 11 July 1985.

  • Justice Chandrachud was the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court before his appointment to the Supreme Court with effect from October 31, 2013.

  • He was a judge of the Bombay High Court prior to his appointment as the Chief Justice of the Allahabad High Court with effect from March 29, 2000.

  • Justice Chandrachud also served as the Additional Solicitor General of India from 1998 until his appointment as a judge in the Bombay High Court.

  • He was nominated as a Senior Advocate by the Bombay High Court in June 1998.

  • Justice Chandrachud gave historic judgments in matters relating to Section 377 IPC, Aadhaar, Sabarimala etc.

  • Recently a bench headed by Justice Chandrachud had allowed medical termination of pregnancy to unmarried women.

Supreme Court and its Chief Justice 

  • The Supreme Court of India came into existence on 26 January 1950. The Federal Court which was set up under the Government of India act 1935 was converted into the Supreme Court of India.

  • Its first sitting was held on 28 January 1950.

  • The first Chief Justice of India was Harilal J.Kania.

  • The 16th Chief Justice of India, Yeshwant Vishnu Chandrachud, is the longest-serving Chief Justice. He was Chief Justice of India for over 7 years (February 1978 – July 1985).

  • The 22nd Chief Justice of India, Kamal Narain Singh, is the shortest-serving Chief Justice. He was the Chief Justice of India for 17 days (25 November 1991 – 12 December 1991).

Uttarakhand Foundation Day

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Uttarakhand Foundation Day

Uttarakhand Foundation Day also known as Uttarakhand Day is celebrated every year on 9 November. The state of Uttarakhand was carved out of Uttar Pradesh on 9 November 2000.

How was Uttarakhand formed?

  • In 1950, the name of the United Provinces was changed to Uttar Pradesh.

  • However, the government of Uttar Pradesh could not meet the needs of the people of this Himalayan region.

  • Hence, people started demanding a separate state in the form of Uttarakhand after the formation of Uttarakhand Kranti Dal.

  • There was a widespread movement in the 90s for the demand for a separate state which turned violent in 1994.

  • Eventually, on November 9, 2000, the 27th state of India, Uttaranchal was formed by the Uttar Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2000.

  • Its name was changed to Uttarakhand on 1 January 2007.

About Uttarakhand

  • location - Northwestern part of the country

  • Capital - Dehradun

  • Formation - November 9, 2000 as 27th state of India

  • Chief Minister - Pushkar Singh Dhami

  • Governor - Gurmit Singh

  • State Animal    - Alpine Musk Deer

  • State Bird - Himalayan Monal

  • State Flower - Brahma Kamal

  • Districts - 13

National Florence Nightingale Awards 2021

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National Florence Nightingale Awards 2021

On 7 November, 2022, the President of India presented the National Florence Nightingale Awards for the year 2021 to the Nursing professionals.

Important facts

  • The award was conferred by the President to two nurses Shashikala Pandey and Ganga Joshi from Kumaon, Uttarakhand.

  • Shashikala Pandey, posted at BD Pandey Hospital in Nainital, has been given this honour for her dedication and selfless service towards patients.

  • Ganga Joshi has been given this award for her awareness program, special contribution to Covid-19, training of ASHA workers, participation in several trainings at the state and national level.

About the National Florence Nightingale Awards

  • These awards were instituted in the year 1973 by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.

  • The award is given to outstanding nursing personnel working in the Central, State/Union Territories, Private, Missionary and Voluntary Organizations.

  • The award carries a cash prize of Rs 50000/-, a certificate and a medal.

LS Speaker Om Birla inaugurated annual Convention of Central Information Commission

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LS Speaker Om Birla inaugurated

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla inaugurated the annual convention of the Central Information Commission on 9 November, 2022 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi. 

Important facts

  • The Central Information Commission organises an annual conference every year during October-November.

  • The title of the convention is Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav: Citizen-centric Governance through RTI. 

  • Transparency, governance, right to information and other important issues will be discussed in the convention.

  • This conference also contributes significantly in widening and deepening the RTI regime.

  • Right to information means participation of people in the process of governance and administration which becomes inevitable.

Right to Information Act, 2005

  • The Act makes it mandatory to respond to citizens' queries for government information in a timely manner.

  • Its main objective is to empower citizens, promote transparency and accountability in the working of government, prevent corruption and work for the people in a democracy.

Central Information Commission (CIC)

  • It was established by the Central Government in the year 2005 under the provisions of the Right to Information Act, 2005. It is not a constitutional body.

  • It consists of a Chief Information Commissioner and a maximum of ten Information Commissioners.

  • The commissioners are appointed by the President on the recommendation of a committee consisting of the Prime Minister as the Speaker, the Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha and a Union Cabinet Minister nominated by the Prime Minister.

  • The Commission inquiries from the concerned person in case of complaints received on any subject under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

India's first private sector rocket Vikram-S to launch in November

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India's first private sector rocket Vikram-S to launch in November

India's first privately developed launch vehicle - Hyderabad-based Skyroute's Vikram-S - is set to make its maiden flight from Sriharikota between November 12 and 16.

Important facts

  • Marking the launch of the private sector, Vikram-S will carry three customer satellites in a sub-orbital flight in this mission, named 'Prarambh'.

  • With this mission, Skyroute Aerospace will become the first private space company in India to launch a rocket into space, ushering in a new era for the space sector.

  • The launch date will be decided based on the weather conditions.

  • It aims to remove barriers to cost-efficient satellite launch services and space-flight while furthering its mission of making spaceflight affordable, reliable and routine for all.

About Vikram-S Rocket

  • It is a single-stage sub-orbital launch vehicle which will carry three customer payloads and help test and validate technologies in the Vikram series space launch vehicles.

  • The Prarambh mission is aimed at carrying three payloads into space, including a 2.5-kilogram payload that has been developed by students from several countries.

  • Skyroute's launch vehicles have been named 'Vikram' as a tribute to Vikram Sarabhai, the founder of the Indian space programme.

  • The initial mission and the Vikram-S rocket have been developed by a Hyderabad-based startup in collaboration with ISRO and IN-SPACe (Indian National Space Promotion and Authorization Centre).

Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) 

  • It was set up on 15 August 1969

  • It is India's national space agency. It launches its space rocket from Satish Dhawan Space Centre at Sriharikota in Andhra Pradesh.

  • Headquarters: Bengaluru

  • Chairman: S. Somanath

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