10 Pacific Island Countries Reject China's Regional Security Pact

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China has suffered a major diplomatic humiliation in the Pacific. Ten island nations in the region rejected China's proposed security agreement.

  • Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has returned empty handed on a very important visit to the Pacific countries.

  • Why did the Pacific Nations reject the Pact?

  • Pacific countries worry that the pact is designed to pull them towards Beijing’s orbit.

  • The agreement was "abusive" and would "ensure Chinese influence in the governments of the Pacific" and China's "economic control" over key industries.

  • Lack of regional consensus.

  • Security issues with China

  • China's full proposal has not been made public, but was leaked to the media.

  • Features of the Pact

  • China has offered to radically intensify its activities in the South Pacific, directly challenging the influence of the US and its allies in the strategically important region

  • China is offering millions of dollars in financial aid.

  • China had proposed a pact that would enable the country to-

  1. To train Pacific island police

  2. To become involved in cybersecurity

  3. To expand political ties

  4. To conduct sensitive marine mapping

  5. To gain more access to natural resources on land and in the water

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