Assam’s Manas Reserve has more tigresses than tigers

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According to the annual wildlife monitoring of trans-boundary wildlife preserve the Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam has 2.4 tigresses for every tiger.

Important facts

  • According to the latest camera trapping assessment done by the National Tiger Conservation Authority (NTCA), this vital tiger habitat area of 536.22 sq km has 52 adult tigers along with eight cubs.

  • The assessment states that 29 tigers were earlier, while 23 new tigers have been reported.

  • The gender of 27 tigers can be ascertained precisely - eight of them are male and 19 are female i.e. sex ratio of 1:2.4.

Manas Tiger Reserve

  • Manas Tiger Reserve is located in the State of Assam in North-East India.

  • It is a biodiversity hotspot, covering an area of 39,100 hectares, it spans the Manas river and is bounded to the north by the forests of Bhutan.

  • It was declared a sanctuary on 1 October, 1928 and was designated a World Heritage site in December 1985. 

  • It is home to a wide variety of wildlife like tiger, golden langur, wild buffalo, hispid hare, pygmy hog, capped langur, Indian one-horned rhinoceros, elephant, gaur, hog deer, etc.

  • It is known for its Project Tigers, Rhinos & Elephants, and is Assam's one of the two Tiger projects. 

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