Countries will have to ‘justify’ Veto Votes at UN

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The 193 members of the United Nations General Assembly unanimously passed a resolution calling on the five permanent members of the Security Council to justify the use of the veto.

  • The move was for reform in the United Nations security council in the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

  • The United States, China, Russia, France and Britain have veto power

  • What is the Veto Power at the UN ?

  • The veto power of the United Nations Security Council is the power of the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council to veto any “substantive” resolution.

  • Any member abstaining from voting cannot prevent the draft resolution from being passed.

  • Procedural votes are not counted for the exercise of veto power.

  • One of the major uses of veto power may be to block the selection of the Secretary General of the Council.

  • Issues with Veto Power

  • The veto power is controversial.

  • Supporters see it as a promoter of international stability, a check against military interference, and an important safeguard against US domination.

  • Critics say the veto is the most undemocratic element of the United Nations, as well as the main cause of inaction on war crimes and crimes against humanity.

  • It effectively prevents UN action against permanent members and their allies.

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