e-Vidhan system in Uttar Pradesh

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A delegation of MLAs from Gujarat visited the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly on 9th June to learn about the e-Vidhan system for paperless proceedings which has been recently adopted by the UP State Legislative Assembly.

  • Uttar Pradesh is one of the few state legislatures in India to have implemented the digital assembly system, and its last session was fully digitised.

  • Earlier in May, a training program was organized to familiarize the delegates with the technology.

  • What is the E-Vidhan System?

  • The E-Vidhan System is also called The National e-Vidhan Application (NeVA).

  • It is a system to digitize the legislative bodies of all the Indian states and Parliament through a single platform.

  • It consists of a website and a mobile app.

  • House proceedings, starred/unstarred questions and answers, committee reports etc. will be available on the portal.

  • By 2023, the proceedings of all the Legislative Assemblies, both the Houses of Parliament and the State Assemblies and Legislative Councils will be available on a single platform.

  • Other states that implemented this system

  • Nagaland became the first state to implement NeVA, in March 2022.

  • The Legislative Assembly of Himachal Pradesh implemented the pilot project of NeVA in 2014.

  • Although both the houses of Parliament are not fully digital yet, governments across the world are moving towards adopting digital mode.

  • In December 2021, the Government of Dubai became the world’s first government to go 100 percent paperless.

  • Significance 

  • There has been a significant shift towards digitization by the government in recent years.

  • NeVA aims to streamline the information related to various state legislatures and eliminate the use of paper in day to day functioning.

  • The idea of "one nation one legislative platform" was mentioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in November 2021.

  • A digital platform provides the necessary technological boost to our parliamentary system and at the same time connects all the democratic units of the country.

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