Freedom Convey in France to protes Covid Restrictions

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Inspired by the truckers that shut down the Canadian capital Ottawa, thousands of demonstrators from across France made their way to Paris in a “freedom convoy” of cars, trucks and vans.

This is a latest protest which rocked many countries where people are protesting the covid related restriction. 

People have protested in the Australian capital of Canberra and New Zealand capital Wellington against the government rules of compulsory vaccination against covid.

Important for  exams 


It is a North Western European country 

Capital : Paris 

Currency: Euro

PresidentEmmanuel Macron

India has bought Rafale fighter aircraft from France for its Air Force . 


It is the smallest continent by area  on Earth after Asia, Africa, North America , South America, Antarctica ,Europe and Australia. 

It is the 6th largest country in the world after Russia, Canada, China, United States,  and Brazil.

Its Capital : Canberra 

Currency : Australian Dollar 

Prime Minister : Scott Morrison 

New Zealand 

It is an island country in the South Pacific Ocean .

Capital : Wellington  

Currency : New Zealand Dollar 

Prime Minister :  Miss Jacinda Ardern 

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