Govt awards GI tag to Mithila Makhana to boost farmers’ income

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The Central Government has granted Geographical Indication (GI) tag to Mithila Makhana.


  • According to the GI Registry Certificate, it has been registered as GI Mithilanchal Makhana Producer Association.
  • Usually, this name assures quality and uniqueness, which is essentially due to its place of origin.

  • Any association of persons, producers, organization or authority established by or under law can apply for GI tag.

  • This step will help the Makhana growers to get maximum value for their produce.

  • Once a product has got this tag, no person or company can sell anything similar to that name.

  • This tag is valid for a period of 10 years after which it can be renewed.

  • Other benefits of GI registration include legal protection of that commodity, prevention against unauthorized use by others and promotion of exports.

What is a Geographical Indication ?

  • A Geographical Indication (GI) is primarily an agricultural, natural or manufactured product (handicrafts and industrial goods) originating in a given geographical area.

  • Such a name assures quality and uniqueness which is due to its origin in the specified geographical area.

Some Famous Geographical Indications :

  • Basmati Rice, Darjeeling Tea, Chanderi Fabric, Mysore Silk, Kullu Shawl, Kangra Chai, Thanjavur Painting, Allahabad Surkha, Farrukhabad Print, Lucknow Zardozi and Kashmir Walnut Wood Carving, Mahabaleshwar Strawberry, Banarasi Saree, Tirupati Laddu, Jaipur Blue Pottery.

Importance of geographical indication :

  • Geographical Indication tag provides equal rights and protection to the holders of intellectual property rights like copyright, patent, trademark etc.

  • These are the factors for the promotion of fame and culture of any country.

  • They play an important role in the prestige of any country.

  • They are an integral part of India's rich culture and collective intellectual heritage.

  • The rural economy of remote areas benefits immensely by granting GI tag to specific types of products.

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