IGI Airport Delhi emerges as the 10th Busiest Airport in the world in 2022

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IGI Airport Delhi

The Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi has emerged as the world's 10th busiest airport in October 2022, improving its ranking compared to the pre-pandemic period.

In its report, aviation analytics firm OAG said Delhi airport has improved its position from 14th place in October 2019, which was the pre-pandemic time.

The rankings by OAG are based on scheduled airline capacity in the current month and compared to the equivalent month in 2019, pre-pandemic. 

The world’s top 10 busiest airports 2022 (includes both domestic and International capacity )

  1. Atlanta International Airport , United States of America 
  2. Dubai International Airport ,United Arab Emirates 
  3. Tokyo Haneda International Airport. Japan
  4. Fort Worth International Airport, Dallas,United States of America 
  5. Denver International Airport , United States of America 
  6. Heathrow Airport, London , England
  7. Chicago O'Hare International Airport , United States of America 
  8. Istanbul Airport,Turkiye
  9. Los Angeles International  Airport , United States of America
  10. Indira Gandhi International Airport ,New Delhi 

Busiest International Airport in 2022

No Indian airport has been included in the top 10 busiest International Airport in 2022. The top three busiest  international airport are as follows ;

  1. Dubai airport 
  2. Heathrow Airport, 
  3. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol , Netherlands 

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