IMD issue warning of formation of Cyclone Mandous over Bay of Bengal

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IMD issue warning of formation of Cyclone Mandous

According to the India Meteorological Department (IMD), a new tropical cyclone is likely to form over the Bay of Bengal and is going to impact Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Andhra Pradesh on 6-8 December 2022.  The cyclonic storm has been named 'Cyclone Mandous' which means a treasure box in the Arabic language. The name of the cyclone has been given by the United Arab Emirates.

According to the IMD a low pressure area that has formed over the south Andaman Sea is likely to concentrate into a depression over Southeast Bay of Bengal.

The coastal areas are going to receive heavy rainfall due to the formation of the cyclonic storm.

'Cyclone Mandous' will be the third tropical storm to rise in Bay of Bengal this year after 'Cyclone Sitrang' which hit the Bangladesh coast in the month of October. The name Sitrang was given by Thailand.

The first cyclonic storm of the season was Asani which formed in the Bay of Bengal in May month. The Asani name was given by Sri Lanka to the cyclonic storm.

What is a Cyclone? 

A cyclone is a large system of winds that circulates about a centre of low atmospheric pressure in a counter clockwise direction north of the Equator and in a clockwise direction to the south.

Cyclonic winds move across nearly all regions of the Earth except the equatorial belt and are generally associated with heavy rain or snow.

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