Indian Ministry of Defence is the largest employer in the world: Statista

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Union Defence Ministry

According to the German Statista infographic, the Union Defence Ministry is the world's biggest employer with 2.92 million people as employees. The Statista report on ‘Employers with the largest workforce worldwide 2022” has included the active service personnel, reservists and civilian staff in the Defence ministry personnel list.

Statista is a Hamburg-based private organisation that provides data and statistics about various issues worldwide.

The American Department of Defense which employs 2.91 million personnel comes second in the list.

The Chinese Military Commission which is equivalent to the Defence ministry in India employs around 6.8 million people. But it was not included in the list as there was doubt over its data.

Largest private sector employer 

According to Statista, amongst the private sector, Walmart is the largest employer with 2.3 million personnel.

Amazon is the second largest employer with 1.6 million personnel.

World’s largest armed forces 

According to Statista the largest military personnel based on active services personnel is China.

The top 10 largest militaries based on active personnel: 

  1. China - 2,000,000
  2. India - 1,450,000
  3. United States - 1,390,000
  4. North Korea - 1,200,000
  5. Russia - 850,000
  6. Pakistan - 640,000
  7. Iran - 575,000
  8. South Korea - 555,000
  9. Vietnam - 470,000
  10. Egypt - 450,000

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