Italy's Lake Garda shrinks to historically low level due to drought

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Italy's worst drought in a long time threatens to shrink the country's largest Lake Garda, pushing its lowest ever recorded.

Important facts

  • Northern Italy received very little rainfall for months, and snowfall was also reduced by 70% in 2022, drying up important rivers such as the Po, which flow through Italy's agricultural and industrial region.

  • The dry condition of Italy's longest river, the Po, caused billions of euros in damage to farmers who usually depend on the river to irrigate their fields.

  • To make up for the loss, the authorities have allowed more and more water from Lake Garda to flow into the local rivers.

  • But at the end of July 2022, less money was spent protecting the lake and its associated economically important tourism.

  • Due to the diversion of large amounts of lake water into rivers, the lake has the lowest water level ever recorded.

About Garda Lake

  • It is best known as the playground lake. 

  • Location - Veneto, Trentino Alto Adige and Lombardy regions in north-west Italy

  • Best - For fun and games for kids of all ages

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