Labour and Employment Ministry’s 2021 third-quarter survey finds increase of 4 lakh jobs

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According to the Ministry of Labour and Employment's Third Quarter Employment Survey (QES) report, over four lakh jobs were created in nine selected sectors in October-December 2021 in firms with 10 or more workers.

  • The Ministry’s survey, which covered 10,834 units in the third round, found employment had increased from 3.10 crore in July-September 2021 to 3.145 crore in the next quarter. 

  • The survey covered construction, manufacturing, trade, transportation, education, health, housing and restaurants, IT/BPO and financial services.

  • It creates 85% jobs in units with 10 or more workers.

  • The survey does not cover units established after 2013-2014.

  • The manufacturing sector accounted for 39% of the units, followed by education (22%).

  • Overall, 23.55% units provided on-the-job training to workers, while the number was higher in health sector units (34.87%).

  • At the same time, the nine sectors reported 1.85 lakh vacancies, with 81,846 in manufacturing, 47,076 in health and 39,014 in education. 

  • The report said that 86.5% of the vacancies were "in the process of filling".

  • Around 4% of the vacancies could not be filled due to "non-availability of requisite skilled workers".

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