Lok Sabha passed the Wildlife (Protection), Amendment Bill, 2021

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The Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Bill, 2021 was passed by Lok Sabha on 2 August. Under the bill, amendments will be made to the Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.

Objective of the bill

  • The main objective of the bill is to implement CITES, CITES is an international agreement signed by governments in 1973 to ensure that the international trade of wild animals and plants is protected.

Key Features of the Bill

  • The Wildlife (Protection) Amendment Bill was first introduced in Parliament in December last year to amend the law governing the conservation of wild animals, birds and plants in the country.

  • The amendment has been introduced to increase the number of species protected under the law.

  • The Bill empowers the central government to control and prevent the import, trade, possession or proliferation of invasive exotic species.

  • The Central Government may authorise any officer to seize and dispose of invasive species.

  • The Bill entrusts the Chief Wildlife Warden with the task of controlling, managing and maintaining all the sanctuaries in a state.

  • The Chief Wildlife Warden is appointed by the State Government.

  • The Bill specifies that the actions of the Chief Warden should be in accordance with the management plans for the sanctuary.

  • State governments can declare areas adjacent to national parks and sanctuaries as a conservation reserve to protect the flora and fauna and their habitat.

  • The Bill provides for any person to voluntarily hand over any captive animals or animal products to the Chief Wildlife Warden.

Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972

  • It provides a legal framework for the protection of various species of wild animals and plants, the management and regulation of their habitats, and the control of trade in wild animals, plants and their products.

  • Plants and animals are listed under the Act, which are monitored by the government by providing various types of protection.

  • The Act was amended last time in the year 2006 and its purpose is to strengthen the conservation of tigers and other endangered species. 

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