Meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee for Ministry of Steel held at Shimla

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A meeting of the Parliamentary Consultative Committee of the Ministry of Steel was held on 6 May 2022 at Shimla to discuss the topic "Transition to Green Steel" under the chairmanship of Union Steel Minister Ram Chandra Prasad Singh.

  • The Chairman urged the stakeholders to come together in developing a time bound action plan and make concerted efforts to reduce emissions from the steel industry.

  • In the meeting, the members of the Committee discussed the current scenario and the way forward to promote the transition towards Green Steel with senior officials of the Ministry of Steel and experts from the steel industry.

  • Various strategies & technologies that can be adopted by the steel industry to produce green steel and their Technology Readiness Levels (TRLs) were also discussed.

  • The focus of the discussion was on the possibilities of using green hydrogen for use in iron production and the use of CCUS technologies to reduce emissions in line with the commitments made in COP26.

  • Challenges of Iron and Steel sector

  • The iron and steel sector is particularly challenging with respect to the reduction of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, as the use of fossil fuel-based energy and reductants is deeply embedded in the production process.

  • The emissions from the Indian iron and steel industry is higher primarily due to higher usage of coal based energy source and as reductant. 

  • It is thus imperative for the Indian steel industry to substantially reduce its emissions and take appropriate action in keeping with the commitments made in COP26.

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