Niti Aayog, Unicef India sign pact on sustainable development goals

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NITI Aayog and UNICEF India signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), its focus is on children.

  • Reiterating mutual commitment to make children's rights effective in India, SOI seeks to formalise the framework of cooperation for the preparation of the first report on the theme 'Status of Children in India: Status and Trends in Multidimensional Child Development'.

  • The objective is to analyse the current status of children in the background of important SDGs related to children, to establish recent trends.

  • This effort will contribute to meet India's commitments on the 2030 Agenda.

  • It will provide a set of policy recommendations for concrete action in the context of 'no child is left behind' and to accelerate progress towards the SDGs to achieve holistic development of children.

  • This child-centric SDG initiative is based on an effort to monitor progress through the SDG India Index and Dashboard.

  • About Unicef India

*UNICEF India works to promote and protect the rights of children across the country.

*The partnership of UNICEF with India began in 1949. 

*The first office was established in New Delhi in 1952.

*The Ministry of Women and Child Development is a nodal agency in India.

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