Punjab bans use of 10 insecticides

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The Punjab government on July 13 banned the use of 10 types of insecticides for a few days to save the heritage of Basmati rice.

Important facts

  • Before banning these pesticides, the Agricultural Association had requested to ban these agrochemicals for export of Basmati to other countries to save the good yield of Basmati.

  • With this restriction, farmers can get the right yield of Basmati and they can earn more profit from it in the coming time.

  • This ban has been imposed for 60 days starting from 12 August 2022.

Names of 10 pesticides that have been banned

  •  Acephate, Buprofezin, Chloropyriphos, Methamidophos, Propiconazole, Thiamethoxam, Profenofos, Isoprothiolane, Carbendazim, and Tricyclazole

Why were pesticides banned?

  • In view of the constraint on the export and consumption of Basmati rice in the state, the government has banned these pesticides.

  • Punjab Agricultural University (PAU), Ludhiana has recommended alternative agrochemicals to control pests in Basmati rice in the state. So that farmers can get good yield of Basmati in the coming time.

  • Good quality Basmati rice can be produced with the ban of pesticides.

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