Scotland becomes first in the world to provide free period products

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Scotland became the first country in the world from August 15 to ensure universal access to free period products. 

Important facts

  • The Scottish Parliament voted unanimously in favour of the Period Products Bill, which made the right to free access to sanitary products in public buildings a legal right in November 2020.

  • After the enactment of this law, sanitary napkins will be available free of cost in many public places including community buildings, youth clubs and medical stores.

  • Even before this, in the year 2018, Scotland has become the first country to provide free sanitary products in government schools.

What is included in the new law?

  • Under the law, local authorities and education providers are legally required to provide period sanitary facilities free of charge to those who need them.

  • In addition to the provision of free products, the government has funded an educational website for employers, improved menstrual health resources available to schools, and implemented a successful anti-stigma campaign.

  • Product seekers can locate their nearest collection point using the PickupMyPeriod mobile app, which was launched by social enterprise “Hey Girls” with the support of the Scottish Government.

About Scotland 

  • Scotland is a country in the United Kingdom.

  • Capital - Edinburgh

  • Currency - Pound Sterling

  • Prime Minister- Nicola Sturgeon

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