Summer Solstice 2022

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June 21 was the day of the summer solstice in the northern hemisphere. People in the Northern Hemisphere celebrate the summer solstice, which is the longest day of the year.

  • What is the Summer Solstice?

  • Solstice means ‘the sun is still’ in Latin.

  • It is a natural phenomenon that occurs twice every year, once in summer and once during winter.

  • It is the longest day and shortest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere.

  • On this day, more energy is received from the sun.

  • On this day the countries of the Northern Hemisphere are closest to the Sun and the Sun shines upward at the Tropic of Cancer (23.5° North).

  • The summer solstice marks the beginning of the astronomical summer and occurs when the earth has its maximum tilt towards the sun.

  • The Earth orbits the Sun at an angle. 

  • For half the year, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted towards the Sun and, therefore, it is summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere.

  • During the second half of the year, the Northern Hemisphere is tilted away from the Sun, thus causing winter in the Northern Hemisphere and summer in the South.

  • High amount of energy

  • It is characterised by the high amount of energy received from the sun on this day.

  • According to NASA, the amount of energy the Earth receives from the Sun on this day is 30% more at the North Pole than at the Equator.

  • The maximum amount of sunlight received by the northern hemisphere during this time is usually on June 20, 21 or 22.

  • In contrast, the southern hemisphere receives the most sunlight on December 21, 22 or 23, when the northern hemisphere has the longest nights, or the winter solstice.

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