Water shortage officially in Netherlands due to drought

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The Netherlands government has officially declared a water shortage due to the ongoing drought in the country, national water levels at an all-time low.

Important facts

  • According to the Water Shortage Management Team of the country, continuous drought in the country has led to ‘water shortage’.

  • The scarcity of water is so bad that the waters of the Rhine River are supplying 50% less water than normal. 

  • The water shortage is already having a negative effect on shipping and agriculture in particular.

  • Water used for irrigation of crops is banned in some parts of the country.

  • Prolonged water scarcity can lead to salinization of the soil, affecting the agricultural industry.

  • Despite the fact that the Netherlands is known for its abundance of water, it has declared a water shortage for the fifth time in the last 22 years.

  • The water scarcity situation has now escalated to the third level threat in 2003. Threat of the third level means a specified national crisis.

  • Drought means that the supply of fresh water must be comparatively less, but it can also affect the quality of drinking water.

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