William Ruto declared winner of Kenya presidential election

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In Kenya, Deputy President William Ruto has been declared the winner of Kenya's presidential election on 16 August.

Important facts

  • He defeated his rival Raila Odinga by a very small margin, securing 50.5 percent of the vote.

  • The worst drought in 40 years has ravaged the northern part of the country, leaving 4.1 million people dependent on food aid, while the country's debt levels have risen.

  • Ruto was the Vice President of Kenya for the last 9 years.

  • Significantly, President Uhuru Kenyatta remained in power for a decade.

History of violence

  • In 2017, over 100 people were killed after the Supreme Court quashed preliminary results over irregularities in the electoral process.

  • Amid fears that allegations of vote rigging had led to bloody conflicts after the presidential elections in 2007 and 2017, the courts were urged to control any disputes.

  • The US Embassy in Kenya urged all parties to work together to peacefully resolve concerns about the election.

  • Economic issues such as rising food and fuel prices, government debt, unemployment and widespread corruption were central to the election in the country. 

  • People here were more worried about fuel prices after the Russia-Ukraine war.

About Kenya

  • Capital - Nairobi

  • Official Languages - Swahili, English

  • Currency - Kenyan Shilling

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