CBSE Board 10th, 12th 2020 date for remaining exams likely to be announced soon

Date: 08-05-20 12:36 pm

As per the recent reports, the students of class 10th and 12th can expect the dates of their examination which were pending in coming month. As per the latest reports, the CBSE board along with HRD ministry has reviewed the entire situation in all the states as well as the foreign countries and they have decided the date of pending CBSE examination2020.

While the minister has not provided any specific date till yet on the examination datasheet and they will release the same very soon in couple of days.They have put the tentative timeline for the delaying of examination on 7th and 8th may 2020 but till now the final dates for the examination have not come.

To know the latest updates and get notified for each update, the students can visit the official website and can check for the latest updates there.

Evaluation of Copies

As per the process to restart therefore, the evaluation of the copies will also start soon. As we know due to lockdown in the entire country the work has been postponed to months. But, the evaluation of the answer sheets of the students willstart soon.

In this process, the board has issued certain guidelines to the teachers and the evaluators who are involved in checking of the copies of the students.

Although, the final date of evaluation of copies have not come yet, but it will be announced soon and it is estimated that the copies evaluation will start by 15th may. Once it starts, the experts are estimating that the CBSE board will take around total 3 weeks to complete the checking of answer sheets and will declare the results soon.

Hence, there is no need to worry about the results and other details;everything will be officially stated to the students. Till that time, start preparing for your pending examination more and try to succeed even more marks than earlier.