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Question 1:

Ajay and Charul are brother and sister. Manoj and Darshan are the sons of Kripal and Sona. Sona is the mother-in-law of Charul's mother Swapnil. Neha, Niti and Nakul are the daughters of Manoj and the only cousins of Ajay. How many children does Darshan have?

Question 2:

If Samaira is the daughter of my father's mother's only son, how is Samaira related to me?

Question 3:

$\mathrm{P} \times \mathrm{Q}$ ' means ' $P$ is the wife of $Q$ '. ' $P+Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the father of $Q$ '. ' $P \div$ $Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the daughter of $Q$ '. ' $P-Q$ ' means ' $P$ is the son of $Q$ '. How is E related to I in the expression

$' \mathrm{E} \div \mathrm{F}+\mathrm{G}-\mathrm{H} \div \mathrm{I}^{\prime} ?$

Question 4:

Aditi is the daughter of Sanket. Vritti is the daughter of Ankit. Kriti is the mother of Mahi. Neeta is Sanket's wife. Neeta is the mother-in-law of Vritti's mother Kriti. Which of the following statements is NOT correct?

Question 5:

Here are 8 members P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W in a joint family. Q is the brother of S. V is the son of Q and R. S is the brother of U. W is the daughter of S and T. P is the wife of V. How is R related to P?

Question 6:

Dheeraj said to Sandeep, “My mother is the only daughter of your mother.” How is Dheeraj’s mother related to Sandeep?

Question 7:

Jiva is the daughter of Kamal. Kamal has two sons. Adah is the daughter of Manvita, who is the wife of Kamal's son. Veenu is Prem's mother. Prem is the brother of Ashok, who is the father of Adah. How is Adah related to Veenu?

Question 8:

Y is the mother of B. B is married to C. X is the father of C. J is the only son of X. K is the only child of J. How is B related to J?

Question 9:

X is the son of Y. Y is the wife of Z. W is the father of Z. How is Y related to W?

Question 10:

K is the son of R. V is the wife of J's son. H is K 's son. M is the daughter of J. K is the brother of M. How is H related to R?