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Question 1:

Find the related letters to complete the analogy.

Question 2:

Raghuraj is wearing a watch. At 6 O’clock if the hour pointer points towards West, then in which direction the minute pointer will be pointing out?

Question 3:

Question contains set of figures showing a sequence of folding a piece of paper. Last figure shows the manner in which folded paper has been cut. Which answer figure is most closely resembled the unfolded form of the question figure?

Question 4:

Read the statement and the conclusions carefully. Select the which of the given conclusions logically follows from the given statement.

Statement : Children love to enjoy Ice creams. --- P says to Q

Conclusions :

I. P has observed children.

II. Ice cream attracts children.

Question 5:

Komal walks 35 metres to the south of her house, turns left and goes another 15 metres. Then turning to the north, she goes 25 metres and then starts walking to her house. In which direction is she walking now?

Question 6:

Find the missing number in the series given below.

7, 9, 25, ?, 4337, 104337

Question 7:

Find the odd one out from the given alternatives.

Question 8:

In a certain code a number 13479 is written as AQFJL and 5268 is written as DMPN. How is 396824 written in that code?

Question 9:

Find the related number to complete the analogy.

8 : 28 : : 27 : ?

Question 10:

Which of the following diagrams correctly show the relationship between the three words given below?

Words : Actors, Politicians, Social persons