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Question 1:

If ROUND is written as 15 in a certain code, PROBLEM is coded as 21, and BEST is coded as 12,then how would COMPUTER be written in that code?

Question 2:

If in a certain language RADIOGENIC is coded as IADRGOCNIE, then how TABLECLOTH is coded in the same language?

Question 3:

In a code language White is called Blue, Blue is called Red, Red is called Yellow, Yellow is called Violet, Violet is called Green, Green is called Pink, Pink is called Brown, Then find the color of Ocean in that language?

Question 4:

If DOCUMENT is written as 32574618 in a certain code, then how would COUNTED be written in that code?

Question 5:

In a certain code language ‘9×6’ means ‘69’, ‘6×5’ means ‘41’. Then find the meaning of ‘7×8’?

Question 6:

In a code language ‘He is Smart’ is coded as ‘ ja ki pe’, ‘Smart city Delhi’ is coded as ‘pe va su’ and ‘Delhi is green’ is coded as ‘ja va de’. Then how can ‘Green City Delhi’ be coded in that language?

Question 7:

If in a code language Red means Green, Green means Black, Black means Orange, Orange means Blue, Blue means White then what is the color of crow in that language?

Question 8:

In a code language ROADSTER is written as HESVWJYX,then how can NATIONAL be written in that language?

Question 9:

If P=1, PEN = 42 then SHOUTING= ?

Question 10:

In each of the letters in the English alphabet is assigned even numerical values beginning A=2, B=4 and so on. What will the total value of the letters for the CROSS when similarly coded?