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Question 1:

In a code language the following alphabets are coded in a particular way:

Which group of alphabets can be decoded from the following?
5 8 0 2 5

Question 2:

If in a code language FEAR is coded as 30, JUSTICE is coded as 87, then how can we code PROCEDURE in that language?

Question 3:

In a code language COPPER is written as 32416164418 and RAT as 185220 then how can CAPTURE be written in that language?

Question 4:

In a code language ‘BRAIN’ is coded as ‘#&@63’, MADE is coded as ‘^4#2’,REST is coded as ‘2@9>’ then how is ‘EAST’ coded in that language?

Question 5:

If in a code language LOGICAL is coded as 3139763,then how can we code CRITICAL in that language?

Question 6:

In a code language Car is called Bike, Bike is called Cycle, Cycle is called Train, Train is called Bus, Bus is called Truck, Truck is called Scooter, Scooter is called Scooty, Then find what we called Bus in that code language?

Question 7:

If in a certain language SPRIT is coded as USVNZ, then how DREAM is coded in the same language?

Question 8:

If THREE= 1, SIX=2, then THIRTY=?

Question 9:

If in a code language ADITYA is coded as ZWRGBZ, CRUST is coded as XIFHG, then how can we code SANSKRIT in that language?

Question 10:

In a certain code language FARM is written as RAMF, TOST is written as SOTT, then how can NEAR be coded in that language?