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Question 1:

Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.


Question 2:

Which of the word cannot be framed by the letters of the word “GREATNESS”?

Question 3:

Find the alternatives that can be a member of the given group/class.
Student, Book, School

Question 4:

Rahul is son of Surender’s father’s sister. Sonu is son of Anu who is mother of Rajesh and grandmother of Surender. Kishore is father of Sheela and grandfather of Rahul. Anu is the wife of Kishore.

How is Rahul related to Anu?

Question 5:

Select the related word from the given alternatives.

Nice : Good:: Few : ?

Question 6:

Arrange the following words as per their order in an English dictionary and choose the one that comes first.

Question 7:

A series is given, with one term missing. Choose the correct option from the given ones that will complete the series?

QAZ   NWT   KSN   HOH   ?

Question 8:

Select the related word from the given alternatives.
Car : Road :: Hammer : ?

Question 9:

Rahim is facing towards the South. Turning to his right, he walks 10 metres. He then turns left and walks 5 metres. Next he walks 7 metres to his right. Which direction is he facing now?

Question 10:

Select the related number from the given alternatives.

74 : 9 :: 92 : ?