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Question 1:

Which is the highest award given by the Government of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 2:

Which city in Uttar Pradesh produces large quantity of brassware?

Question 3:

Which is the newly formed 18th division of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 4:

As per the Indian state of forest report 2019, which of the following districts of Uttar Pradesh has the highest forest cover?

Question 5:

Which was the first Urdu newspaper of Uttar Pradesh?

Question 6:

Which of the following prominent tribes of Uttar Pradesh have tattooing as an integral part of their lifestyle?

Question 7:

In which district of Uttar Pradesh is the Sandi Bird Sanctuary included in the Ramsar site?

Question 8:

Bateshwar fair is held on the bank of which river?

Question 9:

Where has the Knowledge Park been established in Uttar Pradesh?

Question 10:

On which river is the Shabri Falls situated in Uttar Pradesh?