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Question 1:

The Fundamental Duties were added to the Constitution of India in the year:

Question 2:

In which of the following cases the concept of the basic structure of the Indian Constitution was propounded?

Question 3:

Who played the most important role in the integration of princely states after independence?

Question 4:

'The law making process' in the Indian Constitution is invariably influenced by the Constitution of ____.

Question 5:

Which of the following is considered, Supreme in India?

Question 6:

________ prepared the initial draft of the Indian Constitution in February 1948 ?

Question 7:

Which mission was initiated by the British Government to India to secure full Indian cooperation for their efforts in World War II?

Question 8:

Who handwritten the original Indian Constitution ?

Question 9:

Bicameralism was borrowed into the Constitution of India from which country?

Question 10:

In which year did the Constituent Assembly of India adopt the National Anthem?