SBI PO/SBI CLERK 2022: Quant QUIZ-43

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Question 1:

The population of a particular city is 5,00,000. If the annual birth rate is 5% and the annual death rate is 1%, then what will be the population of the city after 3 years?

Question 2:

Nine umbrellas are bought for ₹800 and sold at 7 for ₹800. What is the gain percentage (correct to 2 decimal places)?

Question 3:

Reeta purchased an ornament of gold, weighing 15 grams, for ₹ 71820, which included GST and making charges of 12 %. The original price of gold per gram (in ₹ ) is:

Question 4:

In a cricket test match, Anuj completed his double century with 15 sixes and 18 fours. What percentage of runs did he make by running between the wickets to complete the double century?

Question 5:

₹ 9,500 is divided among three friends A, B and C such that B gets 75% of the amount that A gets and the ratio between A and C's shares is 8 : 5. The amount (in ₹) that B gets is:

Question 6:

Two candidates are contesting in an election. All votes are valid votes. A candidate who gets 38% of votes is rejected by 28,800 votes. The total number of votes polled is:

Question 7:

The income of A is 70 % more than the income of B, and the income of C is 80 % of the combined income of A and B. By what percentage is the income of A less than that of C ? (Correct to one decimal place)

Question 8:

A fruit seller had some apples. He sold 40% of the apples and still had 540 apples. The number of apples he had originally was:

Question 9:

Aman spends 74% of his income. If his expenditure increases by 30% and savings increase by 25%, then by what percentage will his income increase?

Question 10:

A TV was available for ₹ 14,500. The price came down to ₹ 11,890 during the Diwali sale. What is the percentage discount?