Railway General studies Quiz- II

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Question 1:

How much money will be provided to farmers under farmer credit card scheme 2021?

Question 2:

Which Five year Plan aimed to establish a “socialistic pattern of society in India” ?

Question 3:

"Marriage and Divorce” subjects come under which list of the Seventh Schedule of the constitution ?

Question 4:

The method of nominating the governor has been taken from the constitution of which country?

Question 5:

During which Sultan did Changez Khan invade India?

Question 6:

From which Harappan site terracotta of 'Plough' has been found?

Question 7:

By which of the following names the river Ganga is known after entering Bangladesh?

Question 8:

What is the length of the border between India and China in the northern sector?

Question 9:

Which of the following pairs is NOT correctly matched?

Question 10:

At which of the following places did the Portuguese build the first fort in India?