SBI PO/SBI CLERK 2022: Quant QUIZ-50

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Question 1:

The ages of two persons P and Q are in the ratio 5: 7. Eight years ago, the ratio of P and Q was 7: 13. The present ages of P and Q, respectively, are:

Question 2:

By selling an article for ₹ 1800, triple the profit is obtained than the profit that would have been obtained by selling it for ₹ 1350 . The cost price (in ₹) of the article is:

Question 3:

If 35%of a number is 225 less than 50% of that number, then the number is:

Question 4:

In how many ways can the letters of the word ‘DELHI’ be arranged so that the vowels occupy only even places?

Question 5:

A box contains 5 red and 6 white balls. In how many ways can 6 balls be selected so that there are at least two balls of each colour?

Question 6:

Circumference of a circle is equal to the perimeter of a equilateral triangle. Radius of the circle is 21 cm. What is the area of the equilateral triangle approximately in cm2?

Question 7:

Length of train P is 1200 metres and length of train Q is 20% more than the length of train P. Speeds of the trains P and Q are 108 km/hr and 40 metre/second respectively. Both trains are running in the same direction on a parallel tracks. In how much time will the faster train pass the man sitting in the slower train?

Question 8:

The population of a town is 31,25,000. It increases by 12% during the first decade. During the second decade, it decreases by 14% and increased by 16% during the third decade. What is the population at the end of the three decades?

Question 9:

At the end of a certain decade, the population of a certain village was 24000. At the end of next decade if the population of males increases by 10% and that of the females by 18% and the total population increases to 27600, then what was the respective ratio of the population of males and females in that certain decade?

Question 10:

What will be a single equivalent percentage increase, if a number is successively increased by 30%, 35% and 40%?