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Question 1:

The longest list of Andhra Satavahana kings is found in which Purana?

Question 2:

The capital of the Satavahanas was located at-

Question 3:

For which of the following rulers "Eka Brahmin" is used?

Question 4:

The capital of the Maukhari rulers was-

Question 5:

In Dravidian style temples, Gopuram refers to -

Question 6:

Ratha temples were built in Mahabalipuram by -

Question 7:

Who among the following usurped power in Kanyakubja after the death of Harshavardhana?

Question 8:

Which of the following rituals was performed by the Rashtrakuta ruler Dantidurga after deposing his Chalukya overlord?

Question 9:

King Shashanka, against whom Harshvardhana declared war, was a ruler of the ______kingdom.

Question 10:

Banabhatta', well known for his literary works, flourished during the reign of ______.