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Question 1:

In 1955 , the Village and Small-Scale Industries Committee, also called the ______noted the possibility of using small-scale industries for promoting rural development.

Question 2:

The first ever Industrial Policy Resolution of India was announced in the year ?

Question 3:

Which of the following is not a Maharatna company?

Question 4:

Which of the following bodies regulates micro, small and medium enterprise finance companies in India?

Question 5:

The Black Revolution is related to the production of

Question 6:

The National Jute Policy was formulated in_____, with the objective of increasing productivity, improving quality, ensuring good prices to the jute farmers and enhancing the yield per hectare.

Question 7:

The first solar-powered textile mill in Asia will soon become functional in:

Question 8:

In which year was the first cotton textile mill established in Bombay?

Question 9:

Which of the following countries is the second largest steel producer in the world as per the World Steel Association (worldsteel) as of October 2020?

Question 10:

Total factor productivity is the___________of the weighted average of outputs and inputs.