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Question 1:

Researchers identify and define key variables and formulate. This reflects that she is following the-

Question 2:

Which of the following cannot be considered as a reason for fear and failure in mathematics?

Question 3:

A teacher uses the following riddle in a class while developing the concept of base 100 and place value

‘The objective of this activity is-

Question 4:

Which is the third type in the 5E model

Question 5:

A teacher gives the following activity to his students:

“Arrange 25 tiles in all possible rectangular arrays”

Which of the following mathematical concepts can be addressed through this task ?

Question 6:

“Failure to recognize place value leads to failure in four operations in mathematics.” The given statement indicates which of the following problems in teaching and learning of mathematics?

Question 7:

What is the biggest problem learning mathematics for students?

Question 8:

Which question is open ended?

Question 9:

The purpose of a Remedial teaching in mathematics is-

Question 10:

which statement is not correct with regard to characteristics of Mathematics?