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Question 1:

Red data book established by-

Question 2:

Which act is right for wildlife protection?

Question 3:

Consider the institutions established by the Government of Uttar Pradesh -

Center for Environmental Information Systems-2005

Climate Change Authority -2014  

Directorate of Environment - 1976 

Which of the above is/are correctly matched-

Question 4:

As per the Wildlife Protection Act , 1972 , the long-billed vulture , commonly known as the Indian vulture, was included in the ------------------- list till August , 2020 .

Question 5:

Which one of the following issues Environmental Policy is mainly concerned with?

Question 6:

Under which domain 7th five year plan helped in the protection of the environment?

Question 7:

When was the “Policy Statement for Abatement of Pollution” adopted?

Question 8:

Who adopted the technique of public interest litigation for the cause of environmental protection in many cases in India?

Question 9:

What is the result of PIL that is applied in Rural Litigation and Entitlement Kendra vs. State of U.P?

Question 10:

Madhav Gadgil belongs to the_________ panel of environment.