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Question 1:

Where did Emperor Harsha move his capital from Thaneshwar?

Question 2:

Emperor Harshavardhana organized two great religious conferences at -

Question 3:

Who stopped the southward advance of Emperor Harsha on the river Narmada?

Question 4:

The poet Baan was a resident of-

Question 5:

During whose reign Hiuen Tsang came to India?

Question 6:

Harsha, himself was a scholar, poet and a knower of many languages and disciplines. Kalhana was his dependent poet, Harsha belonged to which dynasty?

Question 7:

_______became king of Thanesar after the death of his father and elder brother.

Question 8:

Who was the author of the Priyadarshika?

Question 9:

Who was the author of the Aihole inscription?

Question 10:

Banabhatta wrote the biography of King ______.