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Question 1:

Who among the following gave the "Gandhian Plan' in 1944 ?

Question 2:

Who among the following recommended the term 'Rolling Plan'?

Question 3:

Which one of the following pairs is incorrect?

Question 4:

What was the main objective of the 5th Five Year Plan?

Question 5:

Beginning from the Financial Year 2017-18 NITI Ayog plans to re- place the 5 year plans with which of the following?

Question 6:

As a result of the Green Revolution in India?

Question 7:

What was the focus area of the first five year plan?

Question 8:

The New Economic Policy was adopted in India during the Eighth Five Year Plan, who was the Finance Minister of the country at that time?

Question 9:

Five Year Plans is a centralized and integrated National Economic Programme. Who was the leader to launch it for the first time in the world?

Question 10:

In addition to the five-year plans, one -year plans were also made in India, which of the following was the first one-year plan after the five-year plan?