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Question 1:

Article 78 of the Indian Constitution provides for the obligations of -

Question 2:

What minimum age is required to become the Prime Minister of India?

Question 3:

In the absence of a clear majority in the lower house, within how much time the prime minister has to seek a vote of confidence in the house after the appointment?

Question 4:

Who presides over the meetings of the Union Council of Ministers?

Question 5:

Where can a no-confidence motion be moved against the Union Council of Ministers?

Question 6:

There is a provision for the appointment of the Prime Minister

Question 7:

To whom is the Council of Ministers collectively responsible?

Question 8:

Article 77 deals with-

Question 9:

Who among the following is the communication channel between the Council of Ministers and the President of India?

Question 10:

Who recommends the dissolution of the Council of Ministers?