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Question 1:

Bismita walks 200 m towards the east and then turns right and walks 210 m to reach a hospital. What is the shortest distance between the starting point and the hospital?

Question 2:

Arjun walks 40 m towards the South from his home, and then he turns left and walks 55 m. Then, he takes another left turn and walks 15 m. Then, he turns left again and walks 55 m. How far is he from his home now?

Question 3:

Z’s house is 45 m South to P’s house. J’s house is 50 m South to H’s house. Q’s house is 30 m West to Z’s house. M’s house is 50 m North to P’s house. H’s house is 30 m West to M’s house. In which direction and at what distance is J’s house with reference to Q’s house?

Question 4:

John went straight from a hotel and turned left after covering 3 km and travelled 5 km in that direction to reach point X. From here, he took a right turn and travelled 4 km, and again took a right turn and travelled 4 km. From here, he took a turn to reach point X straight. If John is now moving towards the North-West direction, in which direction did he start moving from the hotel?

Question 5:

While coming home from school at 5 p.m., Ketaki's shadow was falling to her left. In which direction is the school from her home?

Question 6:

Mohit went 15km to the west from his house, then he turned left and walked 20km, then he turned east and walked 25km and finally turning left covered 20km. How far was he from his house?

Question 7:

If 'East' is known as 'West', 'West' is known as 'North', 'North' is known as 'South' and 'South' is known as 'East', then in which direction does the sun rise in India?

Question 8:

Reeta is standing facing south-east. First, she turns $135^{\circ}$ clockwise. After that, she turns $90^{\circ}$ anticlockwise. Then she turns $45^{\circ}$ clockwise, followed by a $135^{\circ}$ anticlockwise turn. In which direction is she facing now?

Question 9:

Gaurav exits from the door of his north-facing house and walks $25 \mathrm{~m}$ straight, then he takes a left turn and walks 36 $\mathrm{m}$, then he turns left and walks $47 \mathrm{~m}$. He turns left again and walks $36 \mathrm{~m}$. How far and in which direction is he from his house now?

Question 10:

Direction: Study the following information carefully to answer these questions.

A man starts from point J and walks 10 km towards North. he takes a right turn and walks 15 km. Now he walks 6 km after taking a left turn. Finally, he takes a left turn, walks 15 km and stops at point H.

Towards which direction was the man moving before it stopped at point H?