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Question 1:

Reeta purchased an ornament of gold, weighing 15 grams, for ₹ 71820, which included GST and making charges of 12 %. The original price of gold per gram (in ₹ ) is:

Question 2:

The expenditure of Renu is 150 % more than her savings. If her income increases by 20% and the savings increase by 50%, then by what percentage does her expenditure increase?

Question 3:

Vignesh spends 42 % of his monthly salary on food, 16 % on house rent, 11 % on entertainment and 7 % on conveyance. But due to some family function, he has to borrow ₹ 12,000 from a money lender to meet the expenses of ₹ 18,000. What is his monthly salary ?

Question 4:

Numbers A and B are 30% and 50%, respectively, more than the number C. The ratio of A to that of B is:

Question 5:

 If $80 \%$ of $\frac{3}{4}$ of a number is 63 , then the number is:

Question 6:

Sushma has invested 40% more than Reshma. Reshma has invested 30% less than Divya. If the amount invested by Divya is ₹ 6,000, then the amount invested by Sushma is:

Question 7:

The boys and girls in a school are in the ratio 7:5. If 60% of the boys and 40% of the girls are aged 14 years and below the age of 14 years and the number of students above the age of 14 years is 870 , then the total number of students in the school is:

Question 8:

The pass percentage in an examination 35% of the total marks. A student scored 390 marks and was declared a failure with 65 marks. The total marks of the examination must be

Question 9:

Class X has 5 sections which have 40,50,50,60 and 60 students, respectively. The pass percent of these sections are 80%, 76%, 64%, 65% and 70%, respectively. The pass per cent of the entire class X (correct to two decimal places) is:

Question 10:

In an election between two candidates, 8 % of the votes were invalid. The winning candidate got 60 % of the total valid votes and won the election by 5888 votes. How many voters were registered?