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Question 1:

Which of the following is a correctly matched pair of appropriate accommodation strategy for inclusion of students which specified disability?

Question 2:

Inclusive Education is necessary because :

Question 3:

Lev Vygotsky refers to the verbal dialogues that children have with themselves as?

Question 4:

Thinking is based on :

Question 5:

Language :

i. Helps an individual make sense of abstract ideas.

ii. Dependent on social convention

iii. Preserve culture

iv. Helps an individual in expressing his feelings

Question 6:

Successful inclusion of students with locomotor disabilities requires:

Question 7:

Which of the following disability causes challenges in ‘social communication’?

Question 8:

Each cell has ……… pair of chromosomes
(1) 23
(2) 22
(3) 46
(4) 54

Question 9:

Principles and generalizations, theories and structures at this level, students will :

Question 10:

Oral guidance is less effective in: