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Question 1:

A 2$\frac {1}{2}$ year old child picks up his sibling's book and looking at the pictures tells a story. The child is

Question 2:

A teacher of class - III finds that some students understand the concept more clearly when she explains them orally. Their learning style is

Question 3:

A teacher asks the students to read the text for information and create their own interpretation beyond the literal level. Which sub - skill is she practicing in the class?

Question 4:

Story - telling and listening to stories play an important role because stories

Question 5:

Before starting a new chapter on "The Honest Woodcutter' the teacher started a discussion with the students on 'Honesty'. What is the teacher trying to achieve with this activity?

Question 6:

A child got admission to a new school. The teacher was surprised to see that she could speak four languages fluently but could not speak in English. She is a

Question 7:

A student of class - V while reading a chapter finds some difficult and unfamiliar words and is not able to get the meaning of those words he should:

Question 8:

A teacher of class - V wishes to teach a complex language structure from the syllabus. She should

Question 9:

As per Noam Chomsky's theory, the role of Language Acquisition Device (LAD) helps children to

Question 10:

Which of the following statements is correct?