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Question 1:

What will come in the place of the question mark ‘?’ in the following question?

$(40+24) \div 8 \times 18-?=126$

Question 2:

Sindhu and Sonia started a retail store with initial investments in the ratio $5: 6$ and their annual profits were in the ratio $2: 3$. If Sindhu invested the money for 8 months. For how many months did Sonia invest his money?

Question 3:

If $\sin \theta+ \sin ^{2} \theta=1$, then find $\sin \theta+\cos ^{4} \theta =?$

Question 4:

In a triangle $\mathrm{ABC}, \mathrm{AC}=8 \mathrm{~cm}, \mathrm{BC}=6 \mathrm{~cm}$ and $\angle \mathrm{C}=30^{\circ}$ then find the value of $\mathrm{AB}=$ ?

Question 5:

If the lengths of the sides of triangles are 3 ,5,7 then the largest angle of the triangle is.

Question 6:

A boatman can row his boat in still water at a speed of 9 km/h. He can also row 44 km downstream and 35km upstream in 9 hours. How much time (in hours) will he take to row 55 km downstream and 42 km upstream?

Question 7:

A, B and C started a business in partnership. Initially, A invested ₹ 31,000 , while B and C invested ₹30,000 each. After 4 months, A withdrew ₹ 5,000 . After 2 more months, C invested ₹ 15,000 more. Find the share of B (in ₹) in the profit of ₹ 456,800 at the end of the year.

Question 8:

O is the centre of a circle with diameter 16 cm . T is a point outside the circle and TA is a tangent to a circle. If OT = 17 cm, what is the length (in cm) of the tangent TA?

Question 9:

X, Y and Z can do a piece of work in 38 days, 76 days and 19 days, respectively. X started the work. Y joined him after 2 days. If Z joined them after 8 days from the beginning, then for how many days did X work?

Question 10:

Aman spends 75% of his income. If his expenditure increases by 40% and savings increase by 30%, then by what percentage will his income increase?