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Question 1:

A loss of 12 % gets converted into a profit of 8.5 % when the selling price of an article is increased by ₹ 164 . The cost price of the article is:

Question 2:

A dealer sold an article at a loss of 4 %. Had he sold it for ₹ 120 more, he would have gained 8 %. To gain 11 %, he should sell the article for ?

Question 3:

By selling an item for ₹ 3,750 a shopkeeper earned 25% profit. If the item had been sold for ₹ 300 more, then what would have been the profit percentage of the shopkeeper?

Question 4:

The cost price of 21 articles is equal to the selling price of 15 articles. Find the gain or loss percentage.

Question 5:

A trader purchased a room cooler for ₹ 5,400 . After allowing a discount of 25%, he gains 25 %. What is the price marked on the room cooler ?

Question 6:

The marked price of an article is ₹ 480 . After a discount of 18 % on the marked price, a shopkeeper earns a profit of ₹ 63.60. His percentage gain is:

Question 7:

A student purchased a box of pencils at the rate of ₹ 35 for 10 pencils and sold all of them at the rate of ₹ 54 for 9 pencils. In this transaction, he gained ₹ 350. How many pencils did the box contain?

Question 8:

The profit earned by selling an article for ₹ 832 is equal to the loss incurred when the article is sold for ₹ 448 . What will be the selling price of the article if it is sold at a 20% loss?

Question 9:

A trader sells an article for ₹ 600 and loses 20%. At what price (in ₹) should he sell the article to earn 10% profit?

Question 10:

A shopkeeper marks his goods at a price 30% higher than their cost price and allows 20% discount on every item. Find his gain percentage.