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Question 1:

The first budget of India was presented by-

Question 2:

Which finance minister holds the records for delivering the longest speech ?

Question 3:

Which was the first woman finance minister , who had presented the budget?

Question 4:

On which committee recommends the railway budget be separated from the General budget?

Question 5:

In which year the Government approved the Merger of CSO and NSSO into the National Static Office?

Question 6:

The government wants to eliminate the 'Tuberculosis' by-

Question 7:

What is the other name of Interim budget?

Question 8:

Economic Survey in India is published officially, every year by the :

Question 9:

Which department of the Finance ministry releases the Economic Survey?

Question 10:

In which year the Economic Survey of India was presented for the first time in India as a part of the Union Budget?