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Question 1:

In which of the following states the meaning of "Torang" is jungle?

Question 2:

How many themes are there in the syllabus of Classes III to V that are woven in the NCERT textbooks as per NCF 2005?

Question 3:

Which Indian bird lays its eggs in between stones along roadsides?

Question 4:

‘Nepenthes’ is a plant which traps and eats frogs, insects and even mice. In our country this plant is found in-

Question 5:

Earthworms are considered the friends of farmers. Choose the correct reasons for tthe same from the following:

(A) Earthworms eat dead leaves and plants and their excreta makes the soil fertile.

(B) Earthworms eat weeds which protect the main crop.

(C) Earthworms soften the soil by digging underneath.

(D) The tunnel made by earthworms  to air and water through holes made by earthworms.

Question 6:

Who built the Golconda Fort ?

Question 7:

Consider the following statements about “Desert Oak”:

(1) This tree is found in Abu Dhabi.

(2)Water is stored in the trunk of this tree.

(3)Desert Oak is a tree that grows almost as tall as our classrooms.

(4) The roots of this tree go down nearly 30 times its height till they reach water.

The correct statements are

Question 8:

Night blindness is caused due to the lack of :

Question 9:

Which of the following is not obtained from ‘Petroleum’?

Question 10:

Which bird has eyes in front of his head like humans?