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Question 1:

Which committee is related to National saving and Investment?

Question 2:

On which committee recommendation Central Vigilance Commission was established?

Question 3:

Which Committee is also known as the Indian States Committee?

Question 4:

Which of the following committees was established for the Banking Supervision?

Question 5:

In which year SEBI appointed the Bhagwati Committee?

Question 6:

Which Committee was constituted to review the guideline in regard to Rehabilitation of Sick units in the small-scale industrial sector?

Question 7:

Which committee was constituted to make recommendations on the tax regime of the Government of India?

Question 8:

Which committee was formed to examine the non performing assets of public sector banks?

Question 9:

On which committee recommendations CVC was established?

Question 10:

Which committee gave  its recommendation for the formation of lead banks in India?