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Question 1:

20 persons were engaged to complete a work in 8 days. Due to COVID 19 infection, 4 persons left the job after 4 days. The total number of days required to complete the work is:

Question 2:

A takes 10 days more than B to finish a task. They both do the work together for 5 days and finish $\frac{8}{15}$ part of the work. How long will B alone take to complete the whole work?

Question 3:

5 men and 2 boys can do in 30 days as much work as 7 men and 10 boys can do in 15 days. How many boys should join 40 men to do the same work in 4 days?

Question 4:

A and B can do a work in 30 and 40 days respectively. They began the work together. A left the work after some days and B finished the remaining work in 5 days. After how many days did A leave?

Question 5:

If 25 men can complete a work in 36 hours, then in how many hours will 12 men complete the same work?

Question 6:

A and B can complete a work in 18 days and 10 days, respectively. They worked together for 5 days, after which B was replaced by C and the work was completed in the next 3 days. How long will C alone take to complete the entire work?

Question 7:

10 women can complete a work in 15 days. The same work can be completed in 5 days by 15 men. 10 women started the work and after 3 days, 5 men replaced 5 women. In how many days will the work be completed?

Question 8:

Seema works at a rate such that she can finish a work in $28 \mathrm{~h}$, but she works at this rate for $7 \mathrm{~h}$ only. After that, she works at a rate such that she can finish the total work in $16 \mathrm{~h}$. If Seema is to finish this work at a stretch, how many hours (total) will she take to finish this work?

Question 9:

$X$ and $Y$ together can do a piece of work in 8 days. If $X$ alone can do the same work in 40 days, then in how many days will $Y$ do the work alone?

Question 10:

Mohan and Ramesh together can complete a work in 15 days. Mohan is 50% more efficient than Ramesh. Find the time taken by Mohan alone to complete the work.