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Question 1:

10 years ago Dilip's father is 4 times of Dilip's age. After 12 years, Dilip's age is $80 \%$ of his father's age. Find present age of Dilip.

Question 2:

The ratio of the ages of two persons is $3 : 4$. If the age of one of them is greater then the other by 8 years, then what is the sum of their ages?

Question 3:

The present average age of $A, B$ and $C$ is 22 years. Three years ago, the average age of $B$ and $C$ was 18 years. Find A's age 9 years hence.

Question 4:

6 years ago, Mamta's age was 18 years more than her son's age. If sum of their present age is 30 , what was the age of the mother 6 years back?

Question 5:

The sum of the present ages of a mother and her daughter is 49 years. seven years hence, the daughter's age will be $\frac{3}{4}$ that of the mother. What will be the ratio of the ages of the daughter and mother, 6 years from now?

Question 6:

The Present age of Ram and Rakesh are in the ratio of $5: 4$ respectively. Three years from now their ages will be in the ratio of $11: 9$ respectively. Find the present age of Ram.

Question 7:

The present age of a father is equal to sum of the ages of his 4 children. After ten years ,the sum of the ages of the children will be $1.6$ times the age of their father. What is the present age of father?

Question 8:

The ratio of present age of a brother and a sister is 14:8. Brother is 48 years older than his sister. Then find present age of brother-

Question 9:

The ratio of present age of Ram and Shyam is $6: 5$. After 19 years the ratio of their ages will 11 : 10. What is Ram's present age.

Question 10:

The average age of Anand and Ashok is 34 years. The ratio of their ages is 9 : 8 respectively. What is Ashok's age (in years)?