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Question 1:

When the price of sugar increased by $30 \%$ a person purchases $4.5 \mathrm{~kg}$ less sugar for Rs. $390$ . Find the new price of sugar. ($Rs.$/ $\mathrm{kg}$ )

Question 2:

Sushma has invested 40% more than Reshma. Reshma has invested 30% less than Divya. If the amount invested by Divya is ₹ 6,000, then the amount invested by Sushma is:

Question 3:

The selling price of an article is ₹ 250, When the price of The article is decreased, the sale of the article increased recorded was a decrease of $17.5 \%$. Find the reduction in the price of article?

Question 4:

Mr. Rohan owned a flat for Rs. 13.2 lacs. He spends $20 \%$  of his monthly salary on its paintings. $25 \%$on lighting and furniture,$15 \%$ on foods and other supplements. If Mr. Rohan's s annual salary is $10.8$ lacs then find the total spending made by Mr Rohan? 

Question 5:

Three candidates, A, B and C contested an election and received 1800,3300 and 3900 votes, respectively. What percentage of the total votes did B get (correct to two decimal places), assuming no vote was invalid?

Question 6:

If the price of a commodity is decreased by $20 \%$ and its consumption is increased by $15 \%$, then what will be the percentage increase or decrease in the expenditure of the commodity? ,

Question 7:

The population of a town is 31,25,000. It increases by 12% during the first decade. During the second decade, it decreases by 14% and increased by 16% during the third decade. What is the population at the end of the three decades?

Question 8:

A loss of $10 \frac{1}{2} \%$ gets converted into a profit of $11 \frac{3}{5} \%$ when the selling price is increased by ₹ $132.60$. The cost price (in ₹) of the article is

Question 9:

Of the total students who appeared in an examination, 60% were boys and the rest were girls. The passing percentage of boys is $45\%$, and the overall pass percentage of students is $58\%$. What is the pass percentage of girls?

Question 10:

The income of Rohit is $23 \%$ less than the income of virat, and the income of Virat is $20 \frac{2}{3} \%$ more than Rs. 30000 . The income of Rohit (in rupees) is: